Feel free, anywhere, with your own tree branch. 

Treetech is based on our patented solution to attached objects to trees without damaging the tree. TreeTach is your missing tree branch which you can bring with you and safely attach in minutes. As a tree branch, TreeTach is ideal for hang and lift purposes.

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Sit comfortably anywhere you want


Ground conditions are no longer an issue. Find a tree, attach your TreeTach and hang your chair - within minutes you are sitting comfortably.


Suspend yourself in mid air, and feel the light breeze gently sway you in harmony with the tree. With TreeTach and our CocOon sitting pouch you have the perfect reading nook for your garden, the summer place or anywhere along your hike.



Made in Sweden. Safe, fun och useful

~5 KG
Constructed to carry a weight of max 120 KG
Packing Dimensions
60x20x20cm (LxBxH)
Tree Size
Living trees with a trunk/branch diameter bigger than 20 cm.
Mounting and dismantling time 2-5 minutes.

Welcome up!

Want to know more or try TreeTach? Contact us for a demo! You reach us at 

In the spring of 2021, we are active with weekend activities around Skåne - follow us on Facebook to see when, where and how you can test our platform!


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