InTree ExperienceTM

A new way to experience nature

Back to our roots

As children, we used to love to climb trees. In search of adventure and new discoveries, or just to escape to a quiet, private corner of the world.

But somewhere along the way many of us stopped climbing, and we’ve been asking ourselves : why?

InTree Solutions is a group of people passionate about the human-nature bond and determined to help long lost climbers find their way back, and reunite with their childhood experiences. We invent and offer products and services with a tree perspective, creating an optional place for recreation, and contributing to increased environmental awareness.

Photo by Peter Vanosdall on Unsplash

Dare and discover

Sit among the branches in a tree and read a book, meditate or chat with a friend. Study the tree and unite with nature, or just enjoy the unexpected views and get a new perspective on life. The perfect escape from stress.

At InTree Solutions, we call this the InTree ExperienceTM. Our products and services provide secure and easy access to the tranquil world of trees and we offer both permanent, temporary and mobile, safe and easy-to-install solutions for experiences with a tree perspective.

InTree Solutions is a global innovator and supplier of InTree products. If you want to use trees for your recreation, it is InTree Solutions that you are looking for.




ViewPoint is our first product and fits well with our ambition to offer 
new experiences that are fun with a unique tree perspective that unites you with nature. ViewPoint provides safe and easy access to what we call InTree Experience, that is, the experience of the excitement and fun memories from your childhood climbing trees.
ViewPoint is a mobile and light tree platform that you can easily mount on a tree. No climbing equipment is needed and thanks to the unique design this can be done without damaging the tree or creating unnecessary noise. ViewPoint is perfect for anyone who wants to observe nature without disturbing it.


Our philosophy

About us

InTree Solutions is made up of a group of real tree enthusiasts and dedicated fans of nature and the outdoors. We have inspired many people about trees, discovering their amazing world, and strongly believe that trees can help us to feel more happy and healthy. Trees have always fascinated us, but it wasn't until we as adults - climbing back into them - fully understood their true impact on us, and potential therein.


Important to us

Products from InTree Solutions are meant to be available, and able to use and be experienced by anyone. This should be possible without damaging the tree, or the trees' environment. InTree Solutions has developed and patented its own product that makes this possible.


InTree Solutions' products and values are about giving joy and joining the user with the trees' environment.


The best way to experience a tree is in the tree, which is why InTree Solutions place great importance on our creations being safe to use.


We would like our products to be useful and preferably in different ways. We offer various accessories for our products to broaden their usability.

Made in Sweden

We are proud to be a Swedish company and what the Swedish brand stands for in the global market. "Made in Sweden" is part of our identity.

InTree in the future

We want to make InTree Experience available worldwide, for anyone who wants to experience the magic of trees. InTree Solutions wants to expand and collaborate with other like-minded people with exciting projects and ideas.

Do you have an idea to share? Let us know.



What is the minimum diameter of a tree trunk for using ViewPoint?

The minimum is 20 cm, but there is no upper limit. It's also important that the tree is alive, healthy and reasonably straight.

How high can you attach ViewPoint?

There is no limit to how high you can attach ViewPoint to a tree, but since we are most concerned about your safety we recommend always mounting ViewPoint at a height that is possible to reach while standing on the ground. In most cases this means that the platform will end up around 2 m up.

Is the InTree Experience safe?

One of our core values is safety, and means that we put great importance and effort into  making ViewPoint and all of our products safe for you as a user.

What other products do you have?

Our ambition is to offer products for all sorts of InTree recreation, and we are constantly coming up with new ideas on how to safely reach for the tree tops. Our website is up to date with our latest innovations and ideas - give us a shout on info@intreesolutions. com if you wish to learn more about any of them.


We would love to hear from you!

Collaboration and ideas

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